The only digital asset pricing service built within an accurate, secure, and scalable Type II SOC infrastructure.

Full pricing coverage for hundreds of digital assets, including minute-by-minute feeds and historical reference pricing.




Complete transparency into pricing methodologies and individual price calculations. Price challenge marks if you disagree.

Digital asset pricing data built with business in mind.

Be aligned to GAAP & IFRS guidelines.

Increase reporting accuracy & reduce risk to your business.

End of Day NAV

Client Reporting

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Did you know that GAAP & IFRS explicitly recommends against the use of VWAPs (Volume Weighted Average Prices) for financial reporting? Use a pricing service that is current with industry reporting standards.

Lukka developed a one-of-a-kind pricing methodology for digital assets to satisfy this need. Its Fair Market Value (FMV) approach allows you to put actual executed prices on your books to satisfy reporting standards.

Use actual exchange executed prices to strike end of day NAV for your fund or fund clients.

Accurately value assets on your financial statements or reports.

Value your clients' holdings and provide them with accurate reporting and transparency.

Reference & Verification

Use a secondary pricing source to reference against or verify other pricing services.

We offer minute-by-minute post-trade pricing for over 500 digital assets. We give you the ability to put USD asset values on your books for digital assets that have no fiat trading pairs. 

Lukka Pricing fuels Lukka's other software and data products. Our standards are unmatched and we take pride in our accuracy. Read our white paper to learn more.

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Lukka Pricing

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Satisfy accounting & tax use cases with prices you can trust.

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Lukka Pricing

Eliminate the worry & scrutiny of digital asset pricing & valuation.

Lukka Prime

The first Fair Market Value (FMV) pricing methodology for digital assets.

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Lukka Prime is integrated into all Lukka software products.

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